We are asking for 10 minutes of your time to better understand how Aussie parents and carers are balancing work and care roles - all responses are anonymous.

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July 2019 is the launch of the first National Working Families Survey encouraging parents and carers across Australia to provide feedback on how workplaces could be made more family friendly and gender equal when it comes to sharing the caring load.

This nation-wide survey will gather new evidence about how Australian families are balancing work and care and what is needed to improve the juggle.

The survey covers a wide range of important issues directly relevant to working families including parental leave support, flexible work needs, child care and overall challenges experienced when managing their job and caring demands.

Why is this important?

Who can

The aim of the survey is designed to understand how workplaces can better address ways of combining work with care responsibilities. The outcomes of this survey will help inform policies and programs needed to create more inclusive, family friendly workplaces.

“The struggle of the juggle is very real! Parenting can be stressful and with the added pressures of working it can have a profound impact on the individual as a parent and also as an employee. Have your say and help us to design innovative solutions that support parents in the workplace.”

Grainne O’Loughlin
CEO, Karitane

"This is such an important and under-explored area of research. Australian families don't really function any more in the way workplaces have traditionally expected them to. The more we know about the hidden world of the Australian home, the better the world of work can adapt to bring some real equality for families struggling to balance the two."

Annabel Crabb
Writer/Presenter, ABC and Author

Families of all shapes and sizes are invited to participate.

This is an inclusive survey and input from parents and carers of all genders and all types of families is highly valued, this includes mothers and fathers of children (0-18 years), working in a range of occupations and industries nationally as well as any carers who spend a significant of time looking after children.

Why Participate?

The survey will provide a general litmus test of the extent to which employees are able to combine work with care/family responsibilities in the industries/sectors that take part.

It will identify which policies & programs are being utilised and how effective they are for employees.

It will provide clear examples of what is & isn't working in terms of family friendly policy for organisations/employees to consider moving forward - i.e. national data to drive decisions about where to direct resources.

It will provide data on how the effectiveness of policies/programs is different for male & female employees, and for the different sectors that take part (e.g. Finance, Project Management, Legal, etc).
We encourage all businesses, community organisations, advocacy groups – anyone with a link to parents or carers – to share the survey to ensure a significant number of participants which will better inform the report findings. The report will be available from September 2019. Visit www.aplen.com.au to stay updated.
Survey closes 1st August 2019.

The National Working Families Survey 2019 is now closed.
To keep abreast of findings and to receive the final report please check this website or sign up to the APLEN newsletter (below) for updates.
We thank you for you interest in this important issue. 

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Our Survey Partners
The 2019 National Working Families Survey is a not-for-profit initiative spearheaded by the Advancing Parental Leave Equality Network (APLEN).
APLEN is a network of organisations established as part of a commitment to lead UN global gender equality efforts to advocate and advance parental leave equality in Australia.
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Our Supporters

As well as individuals including:

  • Professor Richard Fletcher, Fathers and Families Research Program, University of Newcastle.
  • Annabel Crabb, Writer/Presenter, ABC and Author of a forthcoming Quarterly Essay about fathers and work.
  • Rob Sturrock, Working Dad and Gender Equality Advocate
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Media Enquiries

For press and media enquiries please contact the
APLEN research team at info@aplen.com.au

Read the survey announcement press release First National Working Families Survey Launched by Australian CEOs here.

For more information about the National Working Families Survey download the proposal here. 
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