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  • "62% of parents and carers say one of the most challenging issues facing them is looking after their own physical and mental health"

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  • What impact is the work-life juggle having on employees?

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The inaugural National Working Families Report 2019 looks at the responses of over 6,000 Australian working parents and carers on what they need to support them balance work & family as well as recommendations for employers on what they can do to create family friendly workplaces of the future.
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What is the current state of play for
working parents in Australia?

We asked parents and carers:

  • What do Australian parents/carers need to redress the work and care dilemma?
  • Are current policies enough?
  • Are there strategies business and organisations could adopt?
  • Is family-friendly work uptake linked to employee wellbeing and turnover intention?

6,289 Australian
parents & carers
to the survey

Who were they?

  • 80% of participants identified as women, 19% as men and 1% as non-binary.
  • The majority of participants (89%) had children under 18 years of age and 60% of those had two children.
  • Most participants were in a dual-earner household (80%)
  • 56% were in full-time employment
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What did they tell us? - Preview of findings
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Where to from here?

We’re calling on workplaces to be more family friendly.

We’re calling for Employers to step up and implement best practice work and family policy and practices that respond to the changing needs of their employees. The means addressing some of the structural and cultural challenges to support parents and carers manage work-life responsibilities such as:

  • Gender equal parental leave: addressing gender bias around caring: disrupting the breadwinner vs caregiver cultural and structural barriers that hold back gender equality progress
  • Normalising flexible work for all
  • Having a clear strategy and defined success measures on supporting families at work

We’re also calling on Government, Business and Community leaders to design a National Working Families Framework, aligned with the health and wellbeing needs of children and families. This is critical to ensure Australia does not lag the world in work and family policy.

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Our Partners
The 2019 National Working Families Survey is a not-for-profit initiative spearheaded by the Advancing Parental Leave Equality Network (APLEN). APLEN is a network of organisations established as part of a commitment to lead UN global gender equality efforts to advocate and advance parental leave equality in Australia.

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Our Supporters

With special thanks to individuals including:

  • Dr Amanda Cooklin, La Trobe University
  • Dr Liana Leach, The Australian National University
  • Dr Jane Kohlhoff, Karitane
  • Dr Linda Peach
  • Professor Richard Fletcher, University of Newcastle.
  • Professor Marian Baird, University of Sydney
  • Associate Professor Elizabeth Hill, University of Sydney
  • Anne Hollonds, Director, Australian Institute of Family Studies
  • Nicki Hutley, Partner, Deloitte Access Economics
  • Angela Priestly, Women's Agenda
  • Annabel Crabb, Writer/Presenter, ABC and Author
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Media Enquiries

For press and media enquiries please contact
Luisa Saccotelli - E: M: 0400 149 901 or
the APLEN team at

Read the pre-release report announcement press release Work-Life Conflict Takes A Toll On Personal Wellbeing: 2019 National Working Families Report here

Read the survey announcement press release First National Working Families Survey Launched by Australian CEOs here.

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